Shwetlana brews up a plan against Omkara in Ishqbaaz


Shivay worriedly comes out from the house and lands in storm to find Anika. He gets a big shock seeing Anika hanging to the tree. He shouts out to her and runs to save her. He holds her feet to balance her weight and stop the suffocating rope.

Rumi is sure that Shivay can’t save Anika today. She calls up Tia to give the good news of Anika’s death. Shivay cuts the rope and frees Anika. Shivay feels he has lost Anika and panics. He asks Anika to get up. Anika gets conscious, much to his relief. Anika thanks him for saving her life again. He asks her not to do this again and hugs her. Shivay and Anika’s intense moment breaks. Shivay asks Anika how did she hang to the tree.

Anika says I did not go there to get fruits, maybe it was a trap for wild animals, I got trapped in it. He says I told you not to go out in storm. She says it’s not my mistake. Shivay feels much sick and faints, which shocks Anika. She shouts and rushes to him. She worriedly checks his pulse and heart beat. Anika panics and hugs him. She asks him to open eyes and cries. Anika gets a cart to take Shivay. She bears much difficulty to take him inside the house.

On the other hand, Omkara looks for Shwetlana. She appears in front of him and starts the drama. Omkara realizes it was her plan to make him follow her. She laughs on Omkara. He asks her why did she make him follow her. She asks him to have some patience. What is Shwetlana upto? Keep reading.


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