Veer’s backup plan to undo Raghav’s efforts in Pardes


Raghav confronts Veer for trapping Naina. She asks Veer to confess the truth that he framed Naina and that Naina did not send him any messages. Veer shouts yes, I have trapped Naina and defamed her. Raghav gets angry.

Veer says I lied to you that she is interested in me, I made you against her, now she is dead, so this does not matter. Raghav tells Veer that Naina is alive and this was all his plan to record Veer’s confession, Naina can’t come back as ghost. Veer gets a shock. Raghav’s plan works well. Veer breaks down by the ghost fear. He confesses everything in front of Raghav. He forgets that Naina and Raghav are much clever than him. Raghav and Veer get into a fight. Raghav records Veer’s confession. Veer has a backup plan to stop Raghav from showing the recording to everyone. What will Veer and Sanjana do to stop Raghav? Keep reading.


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