Aditya’s tricky plan to woo Naira in Yeh Rishta….


Aditya has come to Singhania house. Naira and Gayu dance practice at home. Aditya says Kartik has a great sight to check gems, as he has chosen a good diamond Naira for himself. He greets the elders and tries to show a good image.

Aditya flirts with Naira and Gayu. He practices dance with Naira. He asks Naira for a dance. Naira gets hesitant. Gayu asks Naira to teach dance to Aditya. Aditya takes advantage of this and tries to get close to Naira. Aditya does not love Kirti. He likes Naira and wants her in his life. He is trying best to get Naira.

Naira feels bad vibes and tries to get away. Aditya makes excuses and asks her to help him. He is not scared of everyone and got a good reason to spend time with Naira. He tells Naira that Kirti and he has to learn ballroom dance for the sangeet. He tells Naira that he wants to do dance on a romantic number with Kirti and asks her to teach her close intense steps. He holds her. Naira has strong doubt on him. She could not tell anyone. Kirti comes there and relieves Naira. Aditya gets away from Naira. Naira asks Kirti to practice dance steps with Aditya.


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