Shwetlana’s filthy blame on Omkara shocks Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana comes to Oberoi mansion in a bad state and tells Tej about the rape attempt on her. Tej asks her to say who is responsible for it and swears to not leave that man. Shwetlana comes up with a cheapest plan to blame Omkara for molesting her.

She names Omkara for the crime, which comes as a big shock for the family. Tej can’t believe such a filthy blame on his son. Shwetlana tries best to convince Tej. Shwetlana has injured herself. Omkara says Shwetlana is saying nonsense, it’s all a lie. Shwetlana sheds crocodile tears. Shivay scolds Shwetlana. Shwetlana tells Shivay that she is saying truth, she knew no one will believe her, so she has the recording of Omkara’s crime. She shows the recording to Tej. Tej gets a big shock seeing the recording. Tej angrily slaps Om repeatedly.

He shouts on Omkara asking why did he do this. Omkara does not reply anything. Shivay could not see all this and holds Tej’s hand to stop him. Shivay says you are a big businessman, even then you did not know the difference between gold and bronze. Shwetlana’s rape blame has shattered Omkara. Shivay takes a stand for Omkara and shows his belief. He asks Tej how can he believe that Omkara can do such a bad thing. Tej asks Shivay not to get into this matter. Shivay says I will get involved in this matter, how can you believe that video, even if Lord comes and tells me that Omkara did this crime, I can never believe that.

He defends Omkara and says Shwetlana is truly lying, Omkara can never do this. Jhanvi also believes Omkara and says he can’t do this. Tej blames Shivay for supporting Omkara and spoiling him. Shivay will save Omkara. Shivay praises Omkara’s goodness and says Tej does not know his son as much as he knows his brother. Will Shivay prove Omkara’s innocence? Keep reading.


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