High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Outside the court, Ishita slaps Suhail. Raman angrily attacks on Suhail. Police stops Raman. Suhail says Ruhi has gone to jail forever, so Raman got the shock and went mad. Suhail thanks his lawyer for proving him innocent.

Raman beats up Suhail more. Suhail laughs on Raman. Raman says my daughter went to jail because of Suhail. Mr. Bhalla and Romi stop Raman. Suhail tells Raman that you ruined my sister’s life and rejected her, today your happiness rejected you, when my dad died, I pledged to make you shed blood tears and today my revenge got fulfilled.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Singhanias and Goenkas dress as Marathi women. They dance on different songs and present a wonderful fusion. Naira performs with Kartik and the family. Manish and Suwarna also perform in sangeet. Kartik’s mood gets upset seeing them. He did not invite them in sangeet. He gets to know Naira invited his parents in sangeet. Kartik and Naira have an argument. Kartik leaves from sangeet.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush drags Roshni out of the house and pushes her out of the door. His patience broke. Roshni’s truth has come out. Roshni apologizes to him and asks Piyush to give her a chance. Roshni is creating many problems and trying to stop Piyush and Vaidehi’s marriage. Piyush has seen Roshni and realized she has added poison in Vaidehi’s kheer. Simar gets regretting knowing Roshni’s truth. Simar goes to pray to Mata Rani for her house peace. Piyush is very hurt that his friend Roshni has cheated him and tried to ruin his happiness.

Naagin 2:

Mahish captures Rocky and hangs him in the air. Shivangi begs to Mahish to leave Rocky. Mahish asks Shivangi to choose either Naagmani or Rocky. Shivangi chooses Rocky. She asks Rudra to show Mahish the horn. Mahish leaves Rocky.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan goes hunting for a job. Bihaan gets to know about game show, and gets shocked seeing Kabir as the host. Bihaan wants to win the prize money. Kabir taunts Bihaan to be uneducated. Bihaan is 8th class fail. Bihaan plays the game to save Pandey Nivaas. Pandey family accompanies Bihaan and encourages them. Kabir makes everyone upset by insulting Bihaan.


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