Naina makes Raghav guilt-sorrow free in Pardes


Naina gets to know from Dadi about Raghav’s sorrow reason on his birthday. She feels bad about Raghav’s pain. She comes back to room and feels bad for Raghav. She tries to explain him that Dada ji’s accident did not happen because of him. She got the proof to show Raghav was not responsible of Dada ji’s death.

Raghav gets angry and tells her that he won’t see anyone. He asks her to stop torturing him, what does she know of his past that she is doing this. She just had to make his pain and sorrow away. She says I have to show my husband that he is not wrong. Raghav asks her to think and reach conclusion. She says it was not your mistake. He does not want to see the video. She forces him to see the video. Raghav sees the video and also finds his innocence proof in it. Raghav hugs Naina and cries, feeling guilt free. Raghav thanks Naina and is glad that Naina has taken this step, which meant a lot to him. Will Raghav and Naina cancel their divorce proceedings? Keep reading.


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