Tanuja takes Kaali’s avatar to save Rishi in Kasam


Rishi saves Tanuja from the goons. Rishi gets shot by the goons. Tanuja with much difficulty takes Rishi to the temple to save his life. The goons look for them. Tanuja worries seeing Rishi’s life in danger. She asks Kali Maa did she give birth to her just to give sacrifices. She asks why did Maa snatch her parents and Rishi in last birth too, and even in this birth, Rishi is getting snatched from her.

Rishi is lying unconscious. Tanuja asks Maa why did she unite her and Rishi, if they had to see this day. She says if we can’t stay together, then kill both of us. Rishi’s heartbeat gets slow. Tanuja worries for him. She prays to Kali Maa. She asks what’s the meaning of her life if she can’t have dear ones. She cries that she lost Rishi in last birth and her love was left unfulfilled. Tanuja makes all possible tries to save Rishi. The goons come there to kidnap her. Tanuja shouts to Rishi and asks him to get up. They take away Rishi and try to shoot him again. Tanuja gets free from them by getting Kaali avatar. She shows women power. She takes the Kali Maa avatar and angrily hits the goons. She makes the goons run away and saves Rishi’s life.


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