Dayavanti to frame Neela in Asha’s murder case in Naamkarann


Avni does not get any clue against Dayavanti, but she is sure Dayavanti has killed Asha. Neela tells Avni that police is shutting the case. Even Inspector confirms this after losing out all possibilities. Avni heads to Ashish and tells him that Dayavanti has murdered Asha in the hospital ward. Ashish is totally drunk and does not hear anything.

Avni realizes Ashish did not hear her and loses hope to count on him. Asha’s driver tells Avni that the accident happened was planned by someone. Avni asks him to give statement to police, but the driver changes his statement at the final time. He tells everyone that the accident was natural. Dayavanti gets freed from doubt again. Avni takes Ali’s help and steals the keys of Dayavanti’s room. They find Asha’s purse there and call the police to investigate. Dayavanti plays smart and plants Asha’s purse in Neela’s room, when evidence against Dayavanti is searched. Dayavanti tries to shift the doubt circle on Neela. Will Dayavanti succeed to frame Neela for Asha’s murder? Keep reading.


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