Pinky determines to separate Shivay-Anika in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz shivay

Anika gets shocked seeing Shivay’s blood in her hands. The family takes Shivay to hospital. Mrs. Kapoor’s plan to kill Anika fails. Pinky worries for Shivay. Rudra consoles the family. Anika is moved thinking Shivay has risked his life to save her. Doctor tells them about Shivay’s critical state as the bullet shot near the heart, and Shivay’s heart is already weak, he may not survive after the surgery.

Anika believes that Shivay’s life will not go easily like this. Omkara and Rudra pacify Anika. Rudra asks Anika not to cry, Shivay will get fine. Omkara hugs Anika and Rudra, and assures that Shivay will get fine.

Jhanvi gives strength to Pinky. Pinky is sure that Shivay can fight with death by his courage. She prays that nothing happens to Shivay. Pinky loses courage, but has belief that he will get fine, he will not leave them. Pinky cries and feels bad to scold him when he did wrong. She regrets to say bitter things to Shivay. She does not want Anika to ruin his life.

She realizes Shivay got shot because of Anika, who is unlucky for their family. She says Anika will ruin us, Shivay is in this state because of her, why did we keep Anika with us. She gets more angry on Anika. Jhanvi comforts her.

Omkara, Rudra and Anika have high hopes. They all shed tears. Anika says Shivay got shot because of me, why did he save me, I can never forgive myself if anything happens to Shivay. Pinky is adamant to not forgive Anika, as Shivay is close to death because of her. Pinky decides to kick out Anika from Shivay’s life. Jhanvi stops her from doing so. Pinky asks Jhanvi not to stop her today, its already late. Pinky throws out Anika from the hospital. Will Pinky separate Shivika? Keep reading.


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