Piyush to search for Vaidehi in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Prem explain Piyush not to take any impulsive step. Piyush’s anger breaks out on Roshni. He insults Roshni and asks is she happy now after ruining his life and happiness.

He taunts that everyone is happy here, see your mum in law and dad in law see them, they are very happy that they don’t want to accept you as their bahu. Piyush does not love Roshni. He hates Roshni. He asks Roshni to stop living being mistaken. He says I did not forget Vaidehi and I did not accept you.

Vaidehi left from his house because of Roshni. He keeps Vaidehi’s chunri with him all the time and cries. Piyush says you will never get my love. Piyush angrily married Roshni to save Simar’s esteem. He is bitter hearted and very much upset now. He tells Roshni to stay at home as his wife now, and he will go to find Vaidehi. Roshni cries and feels bad after seeing his bitterness. Simar asks Piyush not to blame Roshni, as he has taken the marriage decision alone. She asks Piyush to respect institution of marriage.


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