New twist: Tanuja rejects Rishi’s love in Kasam


Rishi recovers after getting shot. Tanuja takes care of him. Rishi and Tanuja stay at the temple. Rishi asks Tanuja to come back home with her. Tanuja refuses to him. He asks what’s the problem. He apologizes to her for being bitter towards her. He regrets to badly treat her. He asks why is she refusing to him now.

Rishi cares for her wounds and talks sweet. Tanuja loves Rishi a lot and risked her life to save him, and now she is ready to get away from his life, again to save him. Rishi is hurt when Tanuja does not accept his apology. Tanuja could not tell him about the kundli dosh, which could kill his life this time. Tanuja cries and hides everything in her heart. She tells Rishi that she can’t accept his love now. Rishi gets a big shock and thinks to do something to know what is Tanuja hiding from him. Will Tanuja return to Bedi family?


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