Ishqbaaz — Anika to confess love


Pinky is upset when Shivay gets Anika home. She stops Shivay and says Anika can’t stay in this house. Shivay does not listen to Pinky. He goes ahead. Pinky feels he is being disloyal and disrespecting her for Anika.

Pinky says you are refusing to me for this girl, I raised you and Anika is more valuable to you than me. She gets much hurt and starts laughing and crying. She asks how can my Shivay do this. He asks her not to say this. She you were my pride, and you broke my illusion now. Shivay tells Pinky that he loves her a lot, and whatever he is because of her.

Pinky asks him not to say all this, as he has shown her place. He says so much have happened in this house, we got emotionally exhausted, Anika did not do anything, it’s not her mistake, Anika will not go anywhere. He says since I got shot, I know you did not sleep for a minute, I know a mother’s worry, you need rest, promise me you will take care, I will sort this and make everything fine, we will talk later with a calm mind. He holds Anika’s hand and tells the same to her. He takes Anika along, while Pinky does not like his step. Pinky is possessive about Shivay, as he is her only child. Pinky is unable to accept Anika, and seeing Shivay accepting Anika, she feels painful. She feels Shivay is doing wrong.

Meanwhile, Anika is sure that Shivay loves her, but he did not say it till now. Anika realized her feelings and wants to confess her love without any further delay, after the shocking incident where she was about to lose Shivay. She thinks to first the first step and express feelings to Shivay. Anika finds its very difficult to confess feelings to Shivay. Will Anika find a unique way to say the three golden words to her SSO? How do you think Anika should confess love to Shivay….?


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