Divorce twists to upset Naina-Raghav in Pardes


Naina made Raghav free from a big guilt. Things get fine between them. Naina expects that Raghav won’t think of divorce now, but Raghav has something else running in his mind. Raghav recalls Naina’s wish for divorce.

Lawyer meets Raghav and gives the divorce papers, which Raghav made hurriedly. Raghav gets Naina out with him to talk to her. Their seven days of togetherness gets over. Raghav gets the divorce papers to handover to Naina. He asks Naina to sign on it.

Naina gets hurt by his step. They both do not want the divorce, but have misunderstandings between them. Naina throws the papers and does not want to sign. Naina loves Raghav. She does not listen to him. Raghav stops her. Raghav feels Naina deserves someone better. Naina feels Raghav is perfect for her. Naina finds him stupid not to understand anything. Raghav believes what bitter things she told him. Naina always accused him for cheating her and marrying her. She called the marriage a disaster. He wants to free her so that she moves on in life. Will Raghav understand that Naina wants to spend life with him? Keep reading.


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