Kartik’s court marriage step turns upsetting in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira sings Akshara’s bhajan and reminds everyone about Akshara. Dadi has given them much tension by breaking Kartik and Naira’s marriage alliance. Goenkas feel embarrassed knowing Naira’s past. Singhanias are not ashamed of Naira, and support her. Naksh says there can’t be love where there is no trust. He feels Kartik should have taken Naira’s side. Naira wants to accept Kartik’s decision. Everyone gets emotional.

Kartik argues with his family to defend Naira. He says if someone goes away from family, it does not mean person get characterless, if they trust him, he trusts Naira. He says it would have hurt Naira’s family so much when they made Naira’s past a big issue. Kartik takes Dadi’s class and asks what if anyone calls him characterless as even he was away from home for long time. Kartik was also shocked knowing Naira’s complete truth about Sukanya’s death and Naira’s step to run away from home, but he stands up for supporting Naira. Dadi and Manish do not like Kartik supporting Naira. They do not want to lose respect in society by making Naira their bahu. Kartik comes to meet Naira and tells Naira and her family that his family can never understand Naira. He apologizes to Singhanias from his family side. He asks Singhanias to permit him to marry Naira. He wants to do court marriage with Naira right away. Singhanias get shocked and does not want such marriage for Naira. What will Singhanias decide? Keep reading.


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