Love, confession and sacrifice twist in Kasam


Tanuja prays at temple and asks Mata why are they cursed that they can’t unite. Tanuja wants to get away from Rishi. She has much pain in her heart and is going to commit suicide to secure Rishi from her bad luck. Tanuja gets on the bridge railing. She decides to end her life, else Rishi will be badly affected. She thinks Rishi will move on after she dies. Rishi comes there and saves her. He pulls her back and gets her down. He slaps her and asks did she go mad. Tanuja cries and tells him that she was going this for his good.

Rishifurther says if you want to die for me, I will also die along with you. He explains her that she was taking worst step. They speak out their feelings to each other, that they can’t stay without each other. Rishi and Tanuja hug and cry. Rishi takes Tanuja home. Tanuja realized Rishi could not come in her life. Rishi tries to convince her to marry someone else, as Rano wants. He says first she will marry someone, and then he will marry someone else for Rano’s sake. Rishi’s emotional blackmail convinces Tanuja to move on in life.


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