Pinky plans to isolate Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Nurse gives sedatives to Shivay to prepare him for some tests. Shivay asks Anika will she leave him. Anika assures she won’t go. Shivay falls asleep. Shivay is taken for the tests. Anika waits for him. Its Pinky’s plan to send Shivay away from Anika by tests excuse. Anika goes out and gets a shock seeing Shivay taken away from the hospital in an ambulance. Anika runs after the ambulance to some extent, shouting out. She falls down. The moment she falls down, Pinky reaches there. She shows tons of attitude and insults Anika to be useless like dust. She passes bitter comments on Anika. Anika feels humiliated and sheds tears. Pinky asks Anika not to return to Shivay if she has any shame left.

Pinky gets Shivay home to secure him well. Shivay has no idea about Pinky’s step. Omkara and Rudra ask Pinky why did she get Shivay home. Pinky says I did this for his good, I spoke to doctor. Omkara says you made sure that we were not there at that time. Rudra asks why did she not tell them. Pinky confronts them for taking Anika to Shivay by hiding her in trolley. She asks them will they hide Anika and get her home. Omkara says we did that for Shivay’s good. Pinky says Anika will ruin Shivay, he is in this state because of her, maybe you both also lost senses like Shivay. Rudra asks does she agree that Shivay thinks same.

Omkara asks her not to separate Shivay and Anika, Shivay wanted Anika to be with him, what will happen when he wakes up and asks about Anika. Pinky asks Omkara to give his advice to Tej, who badly needs it. Rudra says we worry for Shivay, when it’s about his happiness, we will not sit quiet. Pinky complains to Jhanvi about them. She asks Omkara and Rudra not to interfere in Shivay’s life. Jhanvi asks her sons to not get into this matter. Rudra says Shivay always supports us, why should we not support Shivay. Jhanvi asks them not to argue and let it be as Pinky wants, as Pinky knows what’s best for her son. Pinky asks Omkara and Rudra to just get lost. Jhanvi takes her sons along.


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