Naina and Raghav’s love-birds moment next in Pardes


Raghav and Naina pack their bags being upset with the family’s rudeness. They get Raghav and Dadi’s picture frame along. Raghav and Naina are leaving home. Rajeev does not want to take them to his home. He comes to pretend helpful and good to them. Raghav understands what Rajeev means. Raghav scolds Rajeev and tells how many times Rajeev was spared, it’s because Rajeev is Naina’s brother.

He tells Rajeev that he got him bailed out and forgiven him for theft. He asks Naina to go with Rajeev. Naina does not agree to go away and tells Raghav that she is ready to struggle with him, but she will not go to her Maayka. Raghav does not want Naina to face problems and worries for her. Naina sticks to her decision. She says I will come along with you. They leave from the house. They do not have place to go and they spend time in the car.

Police catches them. Cop asks them to come out. They get worried. Naina turns into a loving wife and kisses Raghav. They later get down the car. Raghav is not in state to think, as he is upset about Dadi. Naina manages the situation. Naina tells cop that she loves Raghav, but his family hates her, even her family wants her to marry someone else, so they have left their house. Naina’s idea works out and cop gives them a gift hearing their love story.

Cop compliments them as a lovely couple. Veer tries to brainwash Raghav to come back for his work, but Raghav does not agree. Naina is with Raghav in tough situation. Their divorce did not happen, as Naina does not want to get separated. They leave to find a small home for themselves. Keep reading.


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