Rudra decides to marry Chadda’s daughter in Ishqbaaz


Rudra gets hurt seeing Tej and Omkara’s argument. He declares that he will marry Chadda’s daughter. Shivay asks him does he know what he is saying. Jhanvi asks Rudra not to decide in a hurry, marriage is a big decision. Tej argues with Jhanvi for making his son against him, why is she filling doubts in Rudra’s mind when he has taken a right decision today. Shivay asks them not to argue and find a solution.

Tej says there is no need to find a solution, Chaddas are happy and I m happy. Shivay asks is Rudra happy. Pinky asks Shivay not to stop Tej, if he has decided for his son. Tej asks Anika not to say anything. Rudra asks Shivay to trust him. Rudra gives his nod to marry Chadda’s daughter getting under pressure. Shivay calls him stupid to marry without completing studies.

Rudra says I will complete studies after marriage. Shivay says this marriage is a business deal, there will be many complications, you are not grown up to manage all that, you are not prepared for marriage. Rudra says I m young, but not a kid, I know you and Omkara love me a lot, so you are saying this, you both do a lot for family, Omkara is not ready for marriage, I can’t let Tej and Omkara fight, now its time that I do something for the family, I have to marry some day, why not now when Tej is saying. Soumya feels bad hearing this. Shivay does not support Rudra before, but get convinced on Rudra’s saying. Anika gives her opinion to Shivay.


Shivay and Anika are unhappy. Shivay asks Anika to let this happen when Rudra is happy, Rudra and Chaddas’ daughter are perfect match, if Rudra has decided, then we should not tell him, Chaddas’ daughter has everything, good family, blood and richness. Pinky insults Anika and asks her not to get involved in their family matter. Tej says I will meet Chaddas and finalize the marriage date. Will Rudra break Soumya’s heart? Keep reading.


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