Anika gets accused for a video leak in Ishqbaaz


Tej and Pinky blame Anika again. A sensitive clip holding Oberoi’s secret leaks in media, and there is high voltage drama in Oberoi house. Tej calls the news channel head and asks him how did the clip leak, who has sent him the video, send me all the details and also the number. Tej threatens everyone that he will not bear the person who has ruined their respect. Oberoi’s sensitive matter has become breaking news.

Chadda’s business deal and alliance gets cancelled. Tej suffers a lot in business. Tej gets the number of the person and calls. Anika’s phone rings, and everyone get a big shock realizing Anika has sent the clip to the news channel. Everyone get against Anika for putting their respect at stake. Tej shouts angrily. Anika tries to explain that she has not done that. Tia and Shwetlana have smiles on their faces. They succeed to break the Oberoi family by using Anika.


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