Naina becomes Raghav’s sole support in Pardes


Raghav and Naina have cute romantic moments. Raghav has to go for an interview. He made a presentation ready. Naina is excited for his presentation. She gifts him a red shirt and says when you feel bright color shirt, you will feel confident.

Naina helps him in setting his hair. She gets a towel and iron. Raghav asks her what is she doing, is she mad to iron his hair. He asks does she want to burn his hair and make him bald. He says all men in my family have hereditary problem, everyone got bald in early age, I don’t want to turn bald.

Naina asks him to trust her, his hair will get set. Raghav is scared. She asks him not to behave like a kid. She makes him sit quiet and promises that she will not spoil things. Raghav asks what if you are taking revenge as I gave you divorce papers. She calls him mad. Raghav finally gets ready. She makes him eat curd and sugar, before leaving for a good work. She does his tilak and wishes him all the best. Naina and Raghav have turn into good friends. Naina is Raghav’s sole support now. Raghav will become top businessman soon. Keep reading.


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