Anjali and Roshni’s testing time continues in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush asks Roshni to stay in their room. Roshni gets glad and thinks everything got fine. Piyush is not accepting Roshni. He says we have no relation in between, I m in this room for Simar’s happiness, don’t be mistaken that I accepted you, I will behave normal in front of family. Roshni realizes that Piyush has Vaidehi in heart. On the other hand, Prem tells Anjali that Vikram will take her help as he has self-esteem, but its her duty to help Vikram. Tai ji hears Anjali. Tai ji is testing Anjali if she can sacrifice her thing for others and be selfless.

Prem says you can sell your land and give money to Vikram, I have arranged a buyer too. Anjali says the land rate is very high, why to sell it at a low rate. Prem says she can help Vikram in getting his dad’s treatment. Anjali gets shocked and does not want to sell the high cost property at a low rate. She does not decide anything and asks for one night-time to think. What will Anjali decide? Keep reading.


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