Bhaiya ji’s foul play results in Suraj’s worse state in Udaan


Bhaiya ji can’t see that Suraj is completing the work of well repair on time. He provokes the villagers against Suraj, to stop Suraj from repairing wells and painting on time. The villagers scold Suraj and beat him up. Chakor tries to stop the villagers and asks did they get mad to believe Bhaiya ji. A lady insults Suraj and shows her little boy, who was made bandhua by Suraj years ago. The boy shows the bandhua stamp to Suraj. Suraj feels sad and sees the same stamp on his hand. Suraj apologizes and tells the lady that he used to work for Bhaiya ji before and did not know difference between right and wrong. The villagers do not listen to Suraj.

Bhaiya ji sends his goons to hurt Suraj. The goons throw Suraj inside the well. Bhaiya ji asks the villagers to decide to make Suraj win or love, he is the devil who has tortured them a lot. Suraj was almost finishing the task in time limit. Some villagers put soil on the paint and spoil his work. Chakor and Imli are worried thinking why does Bhaiya ji want to kill Suraj. Suraj was expecting to get food. The tortures hurt Suraj. Chakor, Tejaswini, Lakhan and Chagan help out Suraj and get him out of the well. Chakor feels sympathetic to see Suraj’s state. What will Chakor do to stop Bhaiya ji’s wickedness? Keep reading.


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