Shivay in dilemma over balancing his relations well in Ishqbaaz


Pinky stops Shivay. Shivay moves away Pinky. He stays firm on his words that Anika will stay here. Pinky gets hurt. She asks him is he refusing to mother for this girl. She asks how can his relation get important than a mother’s love. She feels she lost Shivay. Shivay asks Pinky not to say this. She says you were my pride, you broke my pride today. Shivay says you know I love you a lot, I owe everything to you. Pinky asks him not to lie, after all he has chosen Anika over her. He says much happened in last few days, we got emotionally drained, I know you are stressed out, you know it was not Anika’s mistake in whatever happened with me, we all need rest, especially you, I know you did not sleep for a minute since I got shot.

Shivay hugs Pinky, and also assures support to Anika. He tells them that he will make everything fine. He takes Anika along. Pinky gets disappointed. Tej says you felt my sons and I are pushing Shivay towards Anika, the truth is Shivay can’t live without Anika, he is married now, his priorities changed, he can’t be with you forever, I feel bad for you. He sympathizes with Pinky and remarks Pinky has nothing left in her life now.

Anika helps Shivay. He stays annoyed with her. She feels guilty to break the house. He asks her to stop the drama and not create any issue. He feels hurt in his wound. Anika apologizes. He asks her not to say sorry and not cry. Anika cries and tells him she is not crying. He says I can’t see you crying, why are you crying, am I crying to fall in tough situation, I have to choose one between two important women of my life, one side is my mother and other side is my wife, you are my responsibility. She asks him did he get shot to fulfill his responsibility. He could not express love and says yes, I never back off from fulfilling responsibility. Anika understands he means love.


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