Jhanvi to commit suicide; Tej’s business at stake in Ishqbaaz


Pinky gets a chance to scold Anika again. Pinky asks Anika how can she be so greedy and mean to do such fallen thing. Anika is blamed again for the video leak matter. Anika says I did not do anything. Tej checks Anika’s phone and asks Anika what is the video doing in sent folder. He asks Shivay did he use his wife to do this, against his brothers. Shivay defends Anika. He feels bad hearing against Anika. He says I can’t hear a word against Anika, I know her, she can’t do this, I can’t believe any proof, anyone can blame her, but remember they are blaming Shivay Singh Oberoi by blaming Anika.

Pinky says Anika has done magic on Shivay, he should better kick out her out the house. Shivay asks Pinky to just stop the nonsense. Shivay gets too angry and finds hard to bear his family, who constantly accuse Anika for every wrong happening. Tia has done this and sent video from Anika’s phone. Jhanvi tries to commit suicide and burns herself. Shivay and Rudra rush to save Jhanvi, and put a blanket to blow off her fire. Tej blames Shivay for all this. Pinky asks Anika to shut up now, else she will slap Anika. Jhanvi took the extreme step because of Shwetlana. Jhanvi gets saved. Will Anika and Shivay find out about Shwetlana and Tia’s plan? Keep reading.


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