Pinky feels undermined by Shivay’s decision in Ishqbaaz


Pinky gets angry on Omkara and Soumya. She asks about Shivay. Omkara says Shivay had to go out. Pinky reminds Shivay is unwell, how did Omkara let him go in this state, what important work did Shivay has. She scolds Omkara and blames him for sending Shivay in sick state. Dadi asks Pinky to stop her nonsense. She asks her to use her mind. Pinky asks Dadi to see everyone is after Shivay, they can’t see his success. Tej finds Pinky doing new drama every day. Pinky blames Tej and says I think Tej has made Omkara and Rudra do this.

Tej asks her to shut up and not have small thinking. She says you want to move Shivay out of your way, why do everyone interfere in my son’s life. Tej calls Pinky mad. Jhanvi asks Omkara to tell Pinky where did Shivay go. Omkara says Shivay went to his happiness, Anika. Pinky shouts hearing this. She says you all are planning against my innocent son, Anika is bad for Shivay, I will tell him everything. Shivay comes home and asks Pinky what does she have to say. Pinky tries to tell him about Anika.

Anika enters Oberoi mansion. Pinky get a big shock and upset. She asks Shivay why is Anika here. Shivay says Anika stays here and will stay here, this is Anika’s house, no need to get shocked in worry. Anika feels bad to go against Pinky. Shivay asks Anika to come with him. Anika does not listen. Shivay holds her hand and gets her inside the house.


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