Pardes – Naina encourages Raghav


Naina and Raghav meet after his presentation. He does not want to upset her and cooks a story. Naina catches his lie. Raghav tells Naina that his presentation went great, everyone clapped for me, I had fun, they praised me so much. Naina understands that Raghav is lying to her. She finds him hurt within and hugs him. Raghav asks Naina how did she know he lied. Naina is knowing Raghav better now. Naina wants Raghav to succeed and has challenged Mehras that Raghav will become more rich than them in a month.

They leave for home. Naina’s slipper breaks. She tells him that she is not able to walk. Raghav asks her what happened. She says I was walking fast and slipper broke out. He gets a safety-pin from Naina’s purse and fixes to the slipper. Raghav repairs her slipper and helps her out. He brings a smile on her face by his sweet talk. They find happiness in small moments. Raghav fails to give luxuries and comforts to Naina, but his genuine care and support makes Naina happy. Naina becomes Raghav’s strength. She asks him not to be upset about the failure today, as he will succeed soon. Raghav goes to another office to find a business opportunity. He gets rejection again. Naina waits for Raghav and pacifies him to be strong and keep trying. She accompanies him to all offices. Raghav thanks her for support.


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