Anjali’s dilemma over helping Vikram in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali has to decide to help Vikram for his dad’s treatment or buy her dream house. Everyone wait for Anjali’s decision. Vikram is worried and thinks to take loan. He does not get loan and tries to convince his uncle to give him loan for his dad’s medical treatment. Uncle refuses to him. Prem offers help to Vikram. Vikram refuses to take money from Prem. Simar and Anjali ask Vikram to take Prem’s help. Prem does not want to lose his self-esteem and goes.

Simar says Vikram should take loan from Prem, why to get self-esteem in between such close bonds. Anjali asks Vikram to return money to Prem later. Vikram does not agree. After a big dilemma, Anjali then signs on property papers to help Vikram. Prem and Simar get proud of Anjali, who has taken a selfless decision. A broker calls Anjali and tells her that she can buy her dream flat for a low rate. Anjali rethinks on her decision and thinks to buy her flat. Tai ji hears Anjali talking to broker and understand that Anjali is still same and thinking for her dream house, than helping Vikram.


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