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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Some goons stop Dev on the way and beat him up. Dev beats the goons. Dev could not fight back alone and gets beaten up. Sonakshi finds Dev fallen on the road and rushes to help him. Sonakshi worries seeing Dev in injured state. She asks him to open eyes and takes him in her car.


Rangeela jumps in the well to save Manmeet. Manmeet is drunk and falls in well. Maldawali asks the men to save Rangeela. She likes Rangeela and wants to save him. Maldawali’s husband sees her interest in Rangeela and asks her to go away. She does not want her to be around Rangeela. Veer throws the rope inside the well and saves Rangeela.


Saanjh shouts aloud that she will be marrying Arjun today and finally get her love. She asks pandit ji to start mantras. Maya comes back for the marriage. Saanjh does not leave Arjun’s hand and asks pandit to start the rituals. Saanjh gets shocked seeing Maya’s normal behavior. Maya does not want to lose Arjun.

Naagin 2:

Rocky looks for Shivangi. He finds her in some worry. He cheers up Shivangi and asks her for a dance. He expresses his love. Shivangi is in love with Rocky. Rocky gifts Shivangi on valentines. Shivangi thanks and hugs him. Rocky and Shivangi have a romantic dance. She is forgetting her motives gradually.

Rudra calls her to meet at temple. Rudra asks Shivangi what will she choose, love or revenge, what if Rocky asks her to forget her revenge motives. Rudra came to take revenge, but now Rudra is also in fall with Shivangi and wants Shivangi to get away from Rocky. Rudra reminds Shivangi why they are together in this motive to get Naagmani and take revenge.


Tanuja and Rishi are sorrowful to take divorce. They want to end their marriage, which is not possible. Tanuja loves him a lot. She knows that she is unlucky for Rishi, till she is in Rishi’s life, he will have danger on his head.

Tanuja and Rishi sit to talk to the judge. She suddenly starts feeling restless. She gets shocked seeing Rishi’s hand hurt. She asks him to take care, why does he not be careful, the nail has hurt his hand and he should get first aid. Rishi sees her real concern and feels sad. Tanuja feels his pain.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali was going to sell property and give money to Vikram. She went to see the flat and buy it by that money. She gets in dilemma and thinks to help Vikram instead buying the flat. She leaves for home. A thief steals the money bag by snatching it from Anjali.

Anjali comes home and tells Vikram that she lost the money, thief has stolen it, I m saying true, I was coming back home to give money to you for your dad’s treatment, I changed mind and did not wish to buy flat, I have run after thief and wanted to save money, but he has run away. Vikram does not trust her.


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