Mani to create troubles for IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman is in sad state without Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla sees him upset and asks him to have food. Raman does not agree to have food. She says I always supported you, this time you did wrong to get overdrunk and come home. Raman is lost in Ishita’s memories.

Romi comes to Raman and tells him that Pihu got high fever. Raman rushes to see Pihu. Raman apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. She ignores him. Ruhi comes to Bhalla house. She tells him that Ruhi asked her to go back home. Raman hugs Ruhi and is glad that Ruhi has come back home. Ishita tells Raman that she will not come back, till Raman says sorry. Ishita has kept condition that if Raman does not change, she will not come back.

Romi tells Raman that till Ishita sees some change in Raman, she will not come back. Appa says I also feel the same. Ishita wants Raman to change. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is hurt, she wants right change in you, you have to get her back. Romi says yes, think about Ruhi and Pihu and apologize to Ishita.

Meanwhile, Mani is called in jail on Niddhi’s demand. Mani meets Niddhi. Niddhi threatens Mani and says you are going to become father for the first time, when Shagun knows you are going to turn bankrupt, Shagun will get a big shock and leave you, and you will lose your first child. Mani gets a shock. Niddhi is blackmailing him. Mani becomes her puppet. She threatens to kill Aaliya’s Dadi and says my men are already keeping an eye on her, don’t think I m lying, I know everything about her. She asks Mani to get her out of jail. Mani does not want to cheat Ishita and go against his ethics. Niddhi wants Mani to create troubles for Raman and Ishita. Its about Mani’s child, and he gives in to Niddhi’s demands. How will Mani free Niddhi from jail? Keep reading.


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