Vikram and Anjali’s relation on verge of severance


Anjali was going to sell property and give money to Vikram. She went to see the flat and buy it by that money. She gets in dilemma and thinks to help Vikram instead buying the flat. She leaves for home. A thief steals the money bag by snatching it from Anjali.

Anjali comes home and tells Vikram that she lost the money, thief has stolen it, I m saying true, I was coming back home to give money to you for your dad’s treatment, I changed mind and did not wish to buy flat, I have run after thief and wanted to save money, but he has run away. Vikram does not trust her.

Anjali shows the wound on her hand and tells how she got hurt by the thief. Anjali really got robbed, but none believes her. Vikram slaps Anjali and scolds her. Anjali cries.

Tai ji tells Vikram that Simar requested me to give a chance to Anjali, so I kept a condition to prove that Anjali has ideal bahu qualities, don’t now how badly Anjali was treating Tau ji. She shows the video clip to Vikram. Vikram slaps Anjali and scolds her. Anjali loses Vikram’s trust. Mata ji and Prem fail to defend Anjali, and also doubt Anjali’s intentions, knowing she has gone to meet the broker. Simar comes to Anjali’s rescue. Anjali has hopes that Simar will definitely save her marriage and prove her innocence. Keep reading.


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