Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Naagin 2: Sesha is angry as she is not able to find about Yamini. She asks Avantika did anything happen to Yamini, she is our partner, we need her for Naagmani, she should have informed us before going. Avantika says nothing can happen to Yamini, calm down. Sesha asks her to get her magical bowl and know about Yamini. Avantika asks her why is she panicking. Avantika uses her magical bowl and gets Yamini’s whereabouts. Avantika feels Yamini has gone to the haveli. Yamini comes back in injured state and tells that she has come back luckily by surviving the attack. Avantika and Sesha ask her who has attacked her. They all think to find out how is responsible behind the attack.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar gets too emotional and cries when Anjali calls her Maa. Simar asks Anjali to keep saying it. Anjali and Simar came together finally. Simar hugs Anjali and cries happily. Anjali thanks Simar for showing her the right path and says I will not do any wrong thing now. Simar has changed Anjali into a better person. Simar did a lot for Anjali. Anjali is grateful to Simar and takes Simar’s promise to always be with her. Anjali and Simar have an emotional moment.


Kunal thanks Meghna for giving happiness to family. Kunal plays music and sings the song for Meghna. He impresses Meghna and hugs her. Meghna recalls Naina and Karan’s marriage and cries. Meghna’s tears will turn revengeful. Kunal asks Meghna why is she crying, when he tried to make her happy.


Rishi keeps a party at home. Raj praises Rishi in the party. There is an emotional scene. Rishi is trying to get Tanuja remarried. Tanuja can’t believe his step. Rishi wants Tanuja to move on in life and introduces Tanuja to city’s most eligible bachelors. Tanuja and Rishi got divorced now. Rishi wants Tanuja to settle now. He gives the party in Tanuja’s honor. Rishi is being selfless. Rishi announces in the party that Tanuja is his lucky charm, and he will never break friendship with her. He tells whoever Tanuja chooses today will be a lucky person.


Vivaan gets much gifts for Imli. Imli asks him why was he not answering. Vivaan says I had to get all these gifts, look there, I got all the cute toys for baby. Imli gets happy seeing the beautiful gifts. He says I had to do all these arrangements, I wished to decorate the room with baby toys. He does not want to tell Imli about his negative result – test reports. He lies to Imli that reports are fine and they can have a child soon.


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