High Five Spoilers

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik comes to meet Naira. He is going to take Naira on date. Naitik, Naksh and all elders get ready to join them on date. They all pull Kartik’s leg asking him to take them out today. Kartik worries as he wanted to take just Naira along. Nevertheless, Kartik thinks he can’t let them down by refusing. He asks all of them to come along. The family members laugh and tell Kartik that they were just joking. Kartik and Naira leave for their final pre marriage date.


A lady begs to Gulguli to save her husband. Gulguli kicks the lady and does not pity her. The lady says my husband is in hospital and needs money for his operation. Shivani tries to support the lady. Gulguli scolds Shivani. Rangeela comes to Shivani’s defense and apologizes to Gulguli.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Mrs. Bhalla is acting to be unwell. Mihika and Raman are fooling Ishita by this plan. Ishita comes there and Mihika lies about Raman’s mounvrath. Ishita asks can Raman be quiet sometimes. She scolds Raman why does he always make plans to fool her, why did he make his mum act to be unwell. Mrs. Bhalla takes Raman’s side and says its not Raman’s mistake, it was our plan. Ishita says you all support Raman and that’s why he gets encouraged, Raman will not change if you all support him. Ishita leaves from there.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Angoori cooks food. Vibhuti reaches there to flirt with her. Saxena comes there and taunts Vibhuti to be shameless to trouble Angoori. Malkhan comes there and stops Vibhuti from slapping Vibhuti. Malkhan and Saxena beat up Vibhuti. Angoori worries, but could not stop Vibhuti from getting beaten up. Anita sees Vibhuti’s bad state and says I will complain about the goons to commissioner. Vibhuti does not tell Anita who have beaten him.

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Balraj and Veer are troubling Raghav. Raghav went to Khurana to sell his patent and had high hope. He asks Khurana how can he buy patent from Balraj, when it belongs to him. Khurana does not believe Raghav. Raghav is in problem. Balraj has sold his patent to Khurana. Khurana is also not at fault, as he does not know about Raghav making the patent. Raghav says I m saying truth, I have made this patent.


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