Ishita’s re-entry in Bhalla home brings happiness in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mrs. Bhalla is acting to be unwell. Mihika and Raman are fooling Ishita by this plan. Ishita comes there and Mihika lies about Raman’s mounvrath. Ishita asks can Raman be quiet sometimes. She scolds Raman why does he always make plans to fool her, why did he make his mum act to be unwell. Mrs. Bhalla takes Raman’s side and says its not Raman’s mistake, it was our plan. Ishita says you all support Raman and that’s why he gets encouraged, Raman will not change if you all support him. Ishita leaves from there.

Later, Bhallas get happiness when their super bahu Ishita comes back. Ishita has returned home. Ishita arranges her clothes. Raman helps her in arranging cupboard. Raman finds Ishita upset. He thinks of an idea and acts as if he is scared of cockroach. He asks Ishita to help him. Romi comes there. Raman jumps into Romi’s lap. Adi and Ruhi laugh seeing Raman. Romi could not hold him and drops him back on the couch. Raman’s drama cheers up Ishita’s mood.



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