Atharv risks life to rescue Ravish in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Atharv and Vividha hide from the border officials. They cross the border to find Ravish. Their attempt to save Ravish will succeed, as their mothers are praying for their safety at home. Suman agrees to comply Sujata and Uma. The mothers are worried for their children. Atharv gets wounded while crossing the border. Vividha worries for him.

Atharv finds Vividha’s amulet fallen away. He goes to get that back for her, so that she can always stay secure. He realizes the landmines placed around. Another problem comes when they cross the landmines. Atharv falls in risk, but secures Vividha. After saving their own lives, they get trapped by the terrorists. Atharv finds it a way to reach Ravish soon. Vividha and Atharv get close in their search for Ravish.


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