Expected love triangle to begin in Shakti


Soumya meets Kareena. Kareena is taking revenge from Soumya for her mum’s death. Soumya went to help Kareena’s mum, but Kareena is not aware of this. Kareena played this trick to expose Soumya’s kinner truth in the society. She wants the pind to know the news. Soumya meets Kareena and asks her not to do this. Kareena keeps condition and asks Soumya to return to kinner world, and become Tarana.

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She asks Soumya to forget Harman forever. On the other hand, Harman’s friend comes home. Surbhi gives tea to his friend. His friend smiles seeing her. Harman’s friend likes Surbhi and asks Harman to get Surbhi married to him. Harman angrily slaps his friend. His friend asks Harman what is his relation with Surbhi that he reacted this way. Harman shouts that he has a relation with Surbhi, which surprises Soumya and Surbhi. Harman can’t hear anything bad about Surbhi. He does not think anything. Soumya feels Surbhi will fulfill Preeto’s dream now. Soumya is not jealous of Surbhi. But, the love triangle will surely hurt Soumya’s heart.


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