Huge twist awaits Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya….


Naira’s mehendi function is next. Like all grand marriages in the show, Naira and Kartik’s marriage will be seen celebrated grand way. Naira and entire family dress in green attires. The family sings and dances in the mehendi song.

Naira gets the mehendi applied. Suwarna showers love on Naira. She tries to fill Akshara’s place in Naira’s life. Naira and Kartik dance with the family. Aditya misbehaves with Naira. He dances with Naira and tries to get close in a wrong way. Naira opposes him and slaps him in front of everyone. Naira tells Aditya’s truth to Kartik and Naksh. Kartik protects Naira and scolds Aditya. Kartik and Naksh beat up Aditya. Dadi stops Kartik.

Aditya says I did not do anything Kartik, you have gone mad to believe Naira. Kartik asks is Naira lying then. Manish and Dadi stop Kartik. Aditya creates a big issue and asks Goenka will they not support their son in law. Goenkas’ get upset for a while after the unexpected situation arises. Naira worries for Kirti and Aditya’s relation. Aditya does innocence drama and wins Goenkas’ sympathy. Dadi gets angry with Naira, and says we did not know such colors will be shown on mehendi name. Dadi and everyone leave from the mehendi rasam. Naira is left in tears.


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