Many rolling surprises upcoming in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tries to explain Anika that this house belongs to her. Anika attempts to run away, but Shivay stops her. He takes her to their room and tries to make her recall. Shivay tells her that she is Anika. Anika tells him that she has found out her identity, and she is Kalavati, not Anika. Shivay gets puzzled and asks her who told her such lie. Anika does not confide anything with him. Shivay uses her language to make her recall things. She reacts in his style. She is not able to trust his words. Shivay tries hard and they end up arguing.

Anika does not agree to him on anything and opts to leave from the room. Anika meets Tia. She relies on Tia. Anika’s trust on Tia surprises Tia and Shivay. Anika does not want to stay with Shivay. He is not able to tell her about their relation, that he is her husband. Tia and Shwetlana take Anika with them and brainwash her against Oberois. Anika asks them to help her leave from here. Shwetlana suggests Anika to do something that Shivay himself makes her out of the house. Tia asks Anika to trust Shwetlana.

Anika and Shwetlana dance on an item song, which takes everyone on a surprise roll. Shivay knows Anika is not in her true self. He does not react much as Shwetlana expected. He takes Anika to room. He tells her that they are married and that’s why she stays with him in his house. Anika does not believe him. Shivay then becomes the old SSO and shows his tons of attitude plus Rajni style to convince her. Shivay gets a knife to threaten her and then feeds her mind with all the things of their lives. Shivay tells Anika how they used to stay together, and she is his wife. He asks her to behave properly with him and also listen to him. Anika agrees to him. Dadi then tells Anika that Shivay is her husband and she should treat him well, afterall husband is like Lord. Anika becomes a Pativrata wife and heads to Shivay with sindoor and mangalsutra, which surprises him. Anika and Tia’s friendship gets deeper, which makes Shivay worry.


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