Despair prevails over endeavours in Udaan


Vivaan gets frustration out. He says I have heard everyone till now, Ranjana, Tejaswini, Bhaiya ji, Chakor and Imli, now even Suraj is telling me what to do and what not to do, everyone guide and does not let me think, now I have decided not to take anyone’s advice, I will decide everything. Ragini had bet with Imli that Vivaan will join her and Bhaiya ji. Vivaan joins Ragini. Ragini is happy and tells Imli that Vivaan has come on my side now. Bhaiya ji laughs and calls Vivaan his new bandhua, who is very much modern and different. Imli’s heart breaks.

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Imli argues with Vivaan. Vivaan asks Chakor to do a favor on him, and that’s not to stop him from this decision. He asks Chakor and Imli not to interfere. He asks Imli to just leave. Imli gets stunned and leaves. Vivaan is finding everyone wrong. He feels just Ragini is right. After Vivaan lost in life, he feels Ragini is right. He finds Chakor, Imli and Suraj wrong. He wants money from Bhaiya ji to clear the rape blame Pooja has put on him. Vivaan does not know that Ragini has hired Pooja and planted against him. Vivaan tells Bhaiya ji that now he will look after his memory.


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