‘Kalavati’ Anika attempts to unite Tia and Dushyant in Ishqbaaz

Daksh cries out fake stories about Anika's greed Ishqbaaz

Tia tells Anika about her love, Dushyant. Anika does not know Tia’s past, after the memory loss incident. Anika really wishes to unite Tia and Dushyant. She finds Tia missing out Dushyant a lot and tells the same to entire Oberoi family. Shivay asks Tia about Dushyant. Anika tells Shivay that Tia is in love with Dushyant. Shivay and his entire family gets a shock hearing this, but Tia handles the situation. In an attempt to find out Dushyant, Anika gives jitters to Tia by calling Dushyant’s number by her phone.

Later on, Anika checks Tia’s phone to find about Dushyant. Anika is spying on Tia. She finds Tia’s purse and gets her phone, while Tia is sleeping in her room. Anika silently finds clues about Dushyant. Anika wants to talk to Dushyant. She wants Tia and Dushyant to unite. She wants to tell Dushyant that Tia is madly in love with him. She wants to help Tia. She gets to see Dushyant and Tia’s pictures. She assumes the person in photos to be Dushyant. She keeps the purse back and notes down Dushyant’s number to tell him to accept Tia. Shivay comes to Tia’s room to find Anika. Anika gets scared seeing him and hides under the bed. Shivay does not find Anika and leaves. Anika finds an opportunity to exit from Tia’s bedroom. Will Anika as Kalavati succeed to expose Tia? Keep reading.


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