Devanshi to reveal Mata Kusum Sundari’s truth


Sarla and Kusum Sundari joined forces to stand against Devanshi. While Kusum commands Devanshi, Sarla is using her fake love as a tool to control Devanshi. Devanshi does not deter. She joins Sakshi and Vardaan to find the woman involved with Mohan in the murders and other crimes. Devanshi also wants to prove Geeta innocent.

Geeta is hiding in Sarla’s house. Sarla does not tell Geeta’s whereabouts to Kusum. Sarla is threatening Kusum for getting Omi freed from jail. Sarla has many wishes to fulfill by using Devanshi. By twist of fate, Ashutosh and Rajjo also hide in Sarla’s house, after running away from Malik’s place.

Ashutosh and Rajjo will be finding Geeta and getting to know Kusum’s heinous truth. Everyone agrees with Kusum when Devanshi tells them that even Kusum can take wrong decisions, as she could not know Mohan’s truth. Kusum challenges Devanshi to find Geeta and get truth out before Maha Ashtami. Sarla plans to kill Devanshi to end all the problems. Devanshi will be exposing Kusum’s true face in front of the villagers of Jwalapuri. Kusum has made Ishwar bed ridden, and also killed Devanshi’s parents. Devanshi will be now ruining Kusum’s kingdom. What lies in Kusum’s fate now? Keep reading.


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