Anika reveals Dushyant’s truth in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana reminds Tia that Robin is dead, and he won’t answer the call, so let Anika call Robin. Tia seems to be tensed. Priyanka tells Anika that Soumya got missing. Rudra has no idea about Soumya. Shivay asks Rudra if he has said anything to Soumya. Rudra denies of saying anything to her. Dadi worries for Soumya. Anika gets a letter found in Soumya’s room. Shivay reads Soumya’s letter. Soumya states she got humiliated after Rudra’s view about their marriage. She does not want to stay in Oberoi mansion to free Rudra from all the problems arising from their relation. Shivay asks Rudra how could he make Soumya leave home.

Tia and Shwetlana enjoy seeing the brothers worried. Tia feels Oberoi family is splitting, there are so many problems and not a single solution. Rudra calls up Reyaan to know about Soumya. Reyaan does not know about Soumya either. Rudra asks Reyaan to call back if he knows anything about Soumya. Anika asks Rudra why did he hurt Soumya’s heart when he cares for her. Rudra admits of the fight between him and Soumya, and feels she took stupid move to leave the house. Shivay is worried and tries tracing Soumya. On the other hand, Jhanvi’s state gets unwell. Shakti tells Dadi that Tej did not come office for meetings. Dadi feels bad seeing the house getting affected by sorrow. Anika asks them to start solving problems.

Shivay says you have no idea about what’s happening. Anika says I m bahu of this house and will try to help. She suggests them to find solutions of small problems first. Shivay asks Anika does she feel their big problems are little issues? Anika gets Tia in the middle of the discussion. She says none worries for Tia, who is dying to meet her love. Tia and Shwetlana get a cause to worry. Shivay asks Tia what does Anika mean to say. Tia asks Anika to stop it. Anika tries to help Tia. She asks Tia to call Dushyant if she is missing him so much. Anika tells Shivay that Tia loves Dushyant and she does not need to be scared.

Everyone ask Tia about Dushyant. Tia denies the matter. Shwetlana asks Tia not to worry if Anika wants to call Dushyant, as Robin is not alive. Anika calls Dushyant. When the call gets answered, Shwetlana and Tia get jitters. Tia wonders how can Robin answer the call. She does drama to faint to distract them. Shivay calls a doctor for Tia. Tia wonders who has answered Robin’s phone. Tia calls back and connects to Mrs. Kapoor. Tia tells her mom about Anika calling Robin. Mrs. Kapoor tells Tia that her assistant answered the call. Will Shivay find out about Dushyant? Keep reading.


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