Shivay’s attempts fails to achieve desired results in Ishqbaaz


Shivay attempts to revive Anika’s memory Shivay gets a buffalo home, which surprises everyone. Shivay tells everyone that he got the buffalo home for Anika. Anika asks him why did he buffalo for her, when she told she will get cow milk from stable for him. Shivay tells her that this buffalo is not for that purpose. He shocks the family by showing the cow dung, being brought there in a sophisticated manner. Everyone does not understand the logic behind Shivay’s plan. Anika asks Shivay why did he get cow dung for her.

Shivay reminds her their connection with cow dung and buffalo. He tells about their argument and how she misunderstood him. Shivay repeats the same moment and shows the cow dung to her. Anika does not react. He says I m saying this so that you get angry and throw the dung on me like you did last time, as this is our relation in true sense, I break things and you throw things. She asks did I throw dung on you. He reminds what she does always. He remembers even her slap on marriage day. She asks why did you marry me if I was so rude to you. She refuses to throw dung on her husband. Shivay asks her to throw the dung as her husband is asking her to do so.

The family splits into laughter and asks Anika to throw the dung if Shivay is really saying. Anika throws the dung at Shivay. He gets back and saved in heroic style. Rudra does not get any fun seeing Shivay saved. Shivay asks Anika did she remember anything. Anika says no. Shivay’s attempt goes waste, which disappoints him.

Anika tells Tia what all Shivay said. She asks did I really throw cow dung at him. Tia asks do you think you can do such thing, its his plan to fool you. Anika asks Tia if she is fine now. She asks about Dushyant. Tia asks Anika not to worry for her. Anika assumes Tia and Dushyant had a figh, and thinks to help Tia.


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