Chandra gets doubtful about Roopa in Chandra Nandni


Chandra is back in his palace. He does not know Roopa is with him, in Nandini’s place. They both romance. This turns out to be Roopa’s dream. She laughs on herself and says I m dreaming about Chandra, I m going mad in his love. Chandra comes to his room.

Roopa acts weird and sings Aye Raja ji song in front of him. She tries to act like Nandini. Chandra smiles seeing her and sings along her. Chandra thinks Nandini loves music and is glad seeing her happy and free-spirited. Roopa goes to sleep and acts. She makes excuse and leaves from the room. Chandra gets a doubt seeing her leaving and follows her. Will Chandra find out Roopa’s truth? Keep reading.



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