Vaidehi’s new avatar to shock Piyush in Sasural Simar Ka


Vaidehi has taken Laila’s avatar. She dances in the hotel and shocks Piyush. Vaidehi is heartbroken and going mad in revenge. Piyush and Roshni are in the hotel and witness Vaidehi’s dance. Vaidehi dances about Piyush. Piyush has hurt Vaidehi by cheating her in love. She has made a re-entry in his life as Laila.

Piyush gets a big shock seeing Vaidehi’s dancer avatar. Vaidehi is doing this to make Piyush realize he did wrong with her. She wants to make him jealous. After the dance ends, he goes to look for Vaidehi. He does not get her and cries. Roshni gets insecure seeing Piyush running after Vaidehi again.


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