Anika gets rescued by Shivay yet again in Ishqbaaz


Pinky breaks out to Anika that Tia is pregnant with Shivay’s child. She asks Tia who is Dushyant. Tia handles the matter. Anika gets disheartened knowing Shivay is the father of Tia’s child. She feels she is infertile and failed to give Shivay his child, the heir of Oberoi family. Shivay takes food for Anika, to which she refuses. Anika tells Shivay that she understood his anger and annoyance, it’s just because she could not give him a child. Shivay gets stunned realizing the matter bothering Anika. She expresses her concern and emotions towards Shivay. Shivay asks her not to think all that. Anika continues dreaming about their children and naming them. Shivay finds the matter getting much ahead and asks her to stop it at once.

Anika feels guilty and finds Shivay a good person to care for her so much when she could not take the family ahead. There are many sweet moments in the episode. Shivika is in their best cutest form. He tries to stop her from exaggerating the matter and crying. He makes Anika promise to forget the matter and sleep in peace. Shivay kisses Anika and expresses love to her, saying he does not care if she gives him a child or not, he will always be with her. Anika promises him that she won’t discuss the matter again. They come closer via the child matter.

Anika sleepwalks and enters Tia’s room to apologize to Tia, feeling sorry that Tia and Dushyant had to get away from each other as Tia is stuck in Oberoi mansion because of her. Tia doubts her mom and Shwetlana for hiding something about Dushyant. Shwetlana cleverly covers up that Dushyant is alive, and is caught by their mom. Dushyant’s truth is hidden from Tia, so that Tia can marry Shivay by focusing on him. Anika reaches Tia and apologizes to her in her sleepy state. Shwetlana and Tia realize Anika is sleepwalking. Shwetlana makes a plan to harm Anika and directs her to the edge of the floor. Shivay stops Anika from falling down and saves her. Tia feels just Anika is understanding her pain right now. Tia does not think to harm Anika, but follows Shwetlana’s decision. Shivay gets more concerned for Anika after the sleepwalking incident.


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