Helena’s super plotting targets Chandra Nandni


Chandra has drunk the poison for Nandini’s sake. Chaya’s life is in danger. Nandini gets the herb and tells Vaid ji that she made the herb paste which she told her. She says I have got this herbs on right time. Vaid lady asks Nandini to feed the herbs to Chaya soon.

Helena comes there and stops Nandini. She asks Nandini does she want to kill Chaya by feeding her poison. Chandra asks Helena what is she saying. Helena says Nandini has pushed Chaya and made her fall in such state. Helena blames Nandini. Chandra gets angry and defends Nandini. Helena says you don’t know the truth. He does not accept the blames. He asks how can they doubt on Nandini, who thinks for others before herself, who faced all problems staying with him in village, when Dadi was unwell, Nandini took care of Dadi so well, you can doubt Nandini, but I will not doubt Nandini, you all think these herbs has poison, I will drink the kada.


He drinks the herbal kada and says Nandini would have taken revenge much before if she wanted. Chandra’s mouth starts bleeding. Everyone worry for Chandra in this state and hold him. Nandini gets a big shock. Chandra looks at Nandini. Malayketu and Helena blame Nandini for poisoning the herbs. Chandra’s family worries for him. Helena says its proved now that Nandini added poison. Vaid ji says the herbs had poison. Rajmata asks Nandini to stay away with Chandra. She scolds Nandini for putting both Chandra and Chaya in danger. She asks why did Nandini take revenge after they gave her much love. Nandini denies all the blames. None believes Nandini and take Chandra for aid. Keep reading.


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