Kaali Thakur cages Gauri in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara misunderstands Gauri on meeting her at Kaali Thakur’s Haveli. Gauri tries giving him hints that she is caged in chains and forced to marry Kaali Thakur. Omkara does not understand her signs and shows his disappointment over Gauri, who is breaking someone’s house. Omkara questions her about her step to marry Kaali Thakur. He makes a wrong opinion about her. Gauri asks him not to judge her without knowing her. Omkara calls her selfish to break Jhanvi Thakurain’s marriage. Gauri explains she is very helpless and is doing this for someone dear. Omkara does not listen to her, and instead scolds her. Gauri fails to seek help from Omkara. He gets a shocking surprise seeing Shwetlana there. He believes Shwetlana and Gauri are similar, to break someone’s family for their greed.

Gauri tries to trick Kaali Thakur by her words. She asks him to secure her mother, and keeps the condition for marriage. Kaali Thakur agrees to her condition and asks her relatives not to kill her mother. Gauri takes Kaali Thakur’s phone and tries making calls to her little friends. Gauri calls for help, but all her efforts go in vain. Kaali Thakur gets to know Gauri went missing and looks for her.

Gauri could not pass the message to her friend. Kaali Thakur finds her. Gauri tells him that she will prepare for the evening celebrations. Kaali Thakur asks her to entertain his guests by dancing for them. Gauri agrees to Kaali Thakur’s demand with a plan in her mind. Omkara finds her disgusting and spots her being happy with Kaali Thakur.

Kaali Thakur introduces Gauri to Omkara. Omkara gets the land deal done and gets the legal papers in hand. Omkara tells Kaali Thakur that he would leave from Bareilly. Kaali Thakur insists Omkara to stay back and attend his marriage. Omkara unwillingly agrees. Kaali Thakur introduces Gauri to his guests. He asks Gauri to perform for them. Omkara hates to be part of the function. Gauri plans to run away from the Haveli. Will Omkara realize Gauri’s helplessness and help her out? Keep reading.


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