Saanjh’s surprise for Maya-Arjun in Beyhadh


Maya and Arjun are happily married now. Arjun and Maya did not get a chance to celebrate after the tensed marriage situation. Saanjh gives them a surprise party. She calls Arjun and Maya home and surprises them. Saanjh decorates the house nicely. Maya thanks Saanjh and Ayaan. Saanjh brings a special cake for the couple. Maya cries and tells Saanjh that she did not realize the happiness shared in a family till now. Arjun wipes her tears.

She thanks Saanjh for making her part of their family. Saanjh surprises them once again by giving them honeymoon tickets. Arjun and Maya check the Switzerland tickets. Saanjh says sorry, I booked economy class tickets as her my status. Maya thanks Saanjh. Maya gets a shocking news that Ashwin is alive. Maya breaks down. Arjun asks her what’s the matter. Maya tells him about Ashwin. Arjun hugs her and consoles.


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