Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Shakti: Soumya, Surbhi and Harman have the golgappas and icecream. Soumya makes Surbhi stand with him, while Harman gets Soumya close. They are on a picnic and having a good time. Preeto planned to just Harman and Surbhi, but Surbhi got Soumya along.

Harman tells them what he used to do in childhood. Surbhi wants Soumya with be with Harman. She clicks their pictures. Soumya asks Harman to get photo clicked with Surbhi. He refuses and stands with Soumya, acting kiddish. Soumya leaves Surbhi and Harman together and makes excuse of going temple. She wants Surbhi and Harman to spend some time.

Kasam: Rishi and Tanuja have come back to Bedi house. Rano is recovering and will be seen on wheelchair. Even though, her plannings does not stop. Rano gets an idea to get rid of Tanuja. She hates seeing Tanuja with Rishi.


Rano invites a girl home. She is her friend’s daughter. She calls Nethra to introduce her to Rishi. She tells the family that Nethra has come here to study fashion designing. Nethra says I was finding an apartment to stay. Rano says I asked her to stay here till she finds a good flat. She decides to get Nethra married to Rishi. She introduces Raj and Biji to Nethra.

Sasural Simaar Ka:

Simar gives the house keys and responsibility to Roshni. Simar asks Roshni to take care of all duties now. Simar believes Roshni’s capabilities. Roshni and entire family gets shocked. Roshni is glad that Simar trusts her. Mata ji tells Simar to keep the keys and give her when she feels Roshni is ready. Simar tells Roshni that you would be feeling this is happening so soon, I trust you and know you will fulfill this responsibility well, Mata ji will be there to guide you.


Meghna gets angry when Naina suffers because of the marriage. Meghna cries knowing Naina and Karan’s relation having problems. Kunal sees Meghna crying and asks her to share her frustration and pain with him. Meghna shares her problems with Kunal. Kunal lightens her heart. Meghna is falling weak. She is in dilemma over taking revenge, as Sharda’s values stop her before doing anything wrong.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi’s enemy Vikram has come out. Avantika has filled life in Vikram to get the Naagmani. Shivangi and Rudra meet at the temple and think what to do of Vikram, either to kill him or use him by keeping him alive.

Rudra shows her a way to cage Vikram, as just Vikram knows how to kill Avantika. Shivangi agrees to Rudra’s suggestion. They plan to kill their next target Avantika.


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