Helly Shah to star in and as Devanshi


Ishwar decides to ruin Kusum Sundari’s reign by exposing her on Maha Ashtami. Ishwar does not want to risk anyone’s life by telling Kusum Sundari’s name. Ishwar makes Devanshi and Vardaan wait till the big day. Devanshi, Vardaan, Geeta, Rajjo andd Ashutosh support Ishwar in revealing the real culprit’s name.

Kusum Sundari finds Geeta hiding in the storeroom. Kusum Sundari kills Geeta and Ashutosh to stop them from revealing her truth in front of the villagers. Devanshi witnesses Kusum Sundari killing Geeta and Ashutosh. Devanshi with courage goes to expose Kusum Sundari in front of the villagers. She brings Geeta and Ashutosh’s dead bodies to reveal the truth. Kusum Sundari feels her reign can end anytime.

There will be generation leap in the show. Helly Shah will be seen as the grown up Devanshi. The people of Jwalapuri are angry on Devanshi and burn her pictures. They have hatred for Devanshi and believe Devanshi is a bad omen for Jwalapuri. Devanshi returns to Jwalapuri after 14 years. The people protest against Devanshi. Devanshi gets shocked seeing the people‚Äôs anger and hatred. The upcoming track after the generation leap will focus on Devanshi winning back Jwalapuri’s trust.


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